Frequent Asked Questions

How can I downlaod an embroidery design?

To download embroidery design follow the steps:

  • Log in using your username and password
  • From the Main Menu select My ArtEmbroidery and then Available Designs
  • Locate the design you wish to download and click on the Download button

Design download

What do I need to make embroidery from embroidery design?

You need to have an embroidery machine and ability to transfer design(s) from your computer to your embroidery machine.

How can I get embroidery design?

In general all designs can be downloaded as .zip files (design packages). Some embroidery machines can use such .zip files directly. However if your embroidery machine to be used with particular format(s) you can unzip design package and select the appropriate one(s).

What are the formats of designs in downloaded .zip files?

Downloaded .zip files contain designs in the following most popular formats:

  • DST (Tajima)
  • EXP (Melco, Bernina)
  • JEF (Janome, Elna, Kenmore)
  • HUS (Husqvarna Viking)
  • PES (Baby Lock, Brother, Deco)
  • VIP (Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff)
  • VP3 (Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff)
  • XXX (Singer)

How can I get embroidery design in a format other than those that are in .zip file I downloaded?

In general you can use suitable embroidery design converter or appropriate embroidery software for this purpose. However in this case we cannot take responsibility for the quality of such converted design.

Also you can contact us and we will convert design into the format(s) you need. The converted file(s) can be sent to you by email.

What is the largest design I can embroider?

That would be defined by the biggest size of your hoop. You should check if design size fit to your hoop.

My embroidery machine has a 4”x4” hoop only but your design has bigger size. What can I do to adopt your design to be embroidered in my hoop?

In this case you can split the design and stitch it in multiple parts.
Your other choice is to send us your resize/split request and we’ll create 4"x4" version of this design for you.

Where can I find the information about thread colors?

Downloaded design package in the form of .zip file contains:

  • Color Chart as .jpg file and
  • Design/Design Set Description as .txt file.

Color Chart and Design/Design Set Description contain visual representation and detailed information related to thread colors.

Which threads are used in Color Chart?

Threads that are used in color chart correspond to the following paletts:

  • Gunold Poly
  • Madeira Rayon
  • Robison-Anton Rayon
  • Royal-Viscose Rayon

Can I replace threads of Gunold brand by other ones?

Yes, you can. To do that you can use suitable thread converter.

Do you make custom digitizing?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with your order.

How can I check quality of a design before making embroidery on garment?

All embroidery designs are created by manual digitizing. In our testing process we sew on designs on embroidery machines of different types.

However we recommend you make test embroidery on your embroidery machine before stitch it on garment.

Can I return design and have refund?

Embroidery designs from ArtEmbroidery are instantly downloadable digital files, and therefore you cannot return design(s). So, in general refund is not available.

Please refer to our Return Policy for further details.

I ordered a design that’s too large for my hoop. What can I do in this case?

If you accidentally ordered a design that’s too large for your hoop please contact us. When purchasing design please consider description to be sure that design size and number of stitches fit your machine. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase.

Can I use items with embroidery that was made using design(s) from ArtEmbroidery for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use such items for personal or commercial needs (i.e. to stitch on items that are being sold).

Can I share or resell files of design(s) from ArtEmbroidery?

No, it is not allowed sharing, reselling, swapping, giving away or somehow alienating of the design files and/or design downloads. You may edit design file(s) however the edited design file(s) remains the property of the design original owner.

If you use design(s) from ArtEmbroidery for craft(s) other than embroidery you can produce such item(s) for your personal needs only and not for commercial purposes.

May I use your stitch out images in my website or social network for commercial use?

Yes, you may use any of our images providing that name of our vendor (i.e. “ArtEmbroidery”) is not removed from these images.