Embroidery for Communities

Indigenous Communities

Machine embroidery

First Nations culture is rooted in the past. They have been transferring their knowledge from generation to generation through traditions. Culture and teachings of ancestors are preserved and carried on through the words of Elders, leaders, and all community members.

Embroidery as applied art has significant place in culture and traditions of native people. It has always been dominating in clothing, household items and ritual gifts.

Nowadays we can make identical embroidery items quicker and easily through machine embroidery.

Machine embroidery

Embroidered blankets for example, hold customs and traditions that are deeply embedded in indigenous cultures. They have been using such blankets in celebration of birth and life events.

ArtEmbroidery cooperates with the governmental bodies and Indigenous Communities to create embroidery designs on the base of aboriginal drawings. We also provide embroidery services to produce different kinds of embroidered products for cultural and traditional rituals.